CBD Pure CBD Oil Review

Interested in a CBD Pure CBD oil review? Then this review is for you!

CBDPure has established itself as a leading supplier of CBD oil. The company has a somewhat limited product range, but the products it does sell have a reputation for effectiveness.

We have produced an in-depth review of CBDPure to assist you in determining if this company is a good choice for you. We recommend that you read each section and compare the company with others that produce cannabidiol.

About CBDPure CBD Oil

CBDPure has a considerable amount of experience in the production of CBD oil. The company has been in business for the past six years. Since May of 2018 the company has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau and maintains an A+ rating.

CBDPure is owned by Nutra Pure LLC which is based in Vancouver, Washington. The company’s primary location for CBD oil production, however, is Colorado. This state is home to many CBD oil suppliers and growers of industrial hemp.

Colorado has attracted many CBD oil producers thanks to its friendly cannabis laws. The community of growers in the state is close knit and committed to high standards.

A little research into the history of the company reveals that its founders have a keen interest in cannabidiol’s applications for alternative pain relief therapy. They are also interested in the numerous studies that have shown CBD may be effective in treating epilepsy.

This should tell consumers that CBDPure is invested in its product as more than just a source of revenue. The company seems genuinely devoted to the advancement of CBD oil research, and that’s a plus.

Few issues with the company have been reported. Those that have were dealt with in a professional manner to the satisfaction of the customer.

Shipping of CBD oil from CBDPure is available to all 50 states, and the company also ships to the UK, Canada, and other locations. Products are backed with a 90-day guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied, just return the product for a refund.

The company does not offer free shipping of its products at this time, but shipping costs are low. On average the customer can expect to pay around $6.95 for shipping in the United States.

CBDPure CBD Oil Growth and Harvesting

Success for any company that produces CBD oil rests in the quality of its product. As the name of the company suggests, CBDPure claims that it has one of the purest CBD oil products on the market.

The company states that it uses the best seed in its growing operation, and quality control is strictly enforced at each stage of the growing process. There are also land regulations in Colorado which hold CBD oil producers to a higher standard.

Growing operations in the state have been strictly monitored since Colorado legalized medical and recreational cannabis. The same regulations are imposed upon growers of the industrial hemp that produces CBD oil.

CBDPure only uses industrial hemp that is free from fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides. The hemp is non-GMO, and CBDPure uses a CO2 method of extraction which promotes a full-spectrum product.

CO2 extraction of CBD oil from industrial hemp is preferred by most growers because it eliminates the need for chemicals that would otherwise be introduced into the extraction process.

CO2 extraction of CBD oil can also contribute to a full-spectrum effect which preserves other compounds like amino acids which are beneficial for the human body.

Product Quality of CBDPure CBD Oil

There are several things that attest to the overall high quality of CBD oil from CBDPure. The first of these is that the company uses third-party lab testing to verify its product’s purity.

Five specific areas are tested to determine the product quality of CBDPure CBD oil. A detailed report of each area is always available on the company website. Through these tests the company is able to get a comprehensive picture of its product.

First up is cannabinoid profiling. This test reveals the specific cannabinoids found in CBDPure CBD oil, and it also serves to show that the product has only trace amounts of THC.

CBD oil is distinguished from other forms of cannabis by its low concentrations of THC, the psychoactive compound in cannabis that produces a high.

Pesticide testing is used to assure consumers that no pesticides have been used to grow the hemp from which CBD oil is harvested by CBDPure. This test is effective in revealing any presence of pesticide no matter how small.

Companies that use pesticides in the production of CBD oil typically offer an inferior product. These chemicals may also pose harm to users.

Microbiological screening reveals the presence of any fungi or bacteria that could affect the quality of CBDPure CBD oil. It is important that microorganisms are not present in the product.

CBDPure uses no solvents in its extraction processes. Residual solvent testing serves to verify that chemicals and impurities are not present in these CBD oil products.

CBD oil contains a mixture of terpenes. Terpene analysis helps to establish that CBDPure has engineered its product for maximum benefit to those who take it.

Product Range of CBDPure CBD Oil

CBDPure currently provides two different CBD oil products for its customers. These are CBD oil tinctures and CBD oil softgel capsules.

At the present time CBDPure does not offer edibles, topical, or other varieties of CBD oil products.

CBDPure CBD Oil Tinctures

Tinctures of CBDPure CBD oil come in a 60ml bottle with a dropper. CBD oil can be ordered in strengths of 100mg, 300mg, and 600mg.

Many people prefer this type of product from CBDPure because it is both convenient and economical. The small bottles are easy to carry, and a precise dosage can be easiy managed.

The primary drawback of this type of product is its hemp taste. Some users also find the application messy on occasion.

CBDPure CBD Oil Capsules

CBD oil capsules from CBDPure offer a more palatable way to take cannabidiol. One of the most common complaints about tinctures is the strong hemp taste that these products contain.

CBDPure Softgels 750 allow individuals to take a 25mg dose of CBD oil in convenient capsule form. There are 30 capsules in a single bottle. For many individuals, this amounts to a one month supply.

These softgel capsules are easy to take, and there is no messy application like that sometimes encountered with tinctures. The capsules contain organic and natural CBD oil, and the product is backed by a 90-day money back guarantee.

Product Characteristics of CBDPure CBD Oil

Those who are considering CBDPure as their source of all-natural CBD oil should be aware of some various product characteristics. These characteristics can influence the buying decision for some people.

Taste and Aroma

The CBD oil tinctures from CBDPure are not flavored. Each of them has a natural hemp taste that some people may find unsuitable. While the taste is mild, taking the products in large doses can be uncomfortable to those who are sensitive to the flavor of hemp.

A solution is to mix the hemp oil with food or drink instead of placing it under the tongue. A few drops can be easily added to juice, coffee, oatmeal, or a number of other food and drink items.

Be advised that adding CBD oil to food products can have an effect on dosage and efficacy.

There is also an aroma of hemp that one may notice when taking the product in tincture form. This smell is not strong and will not be a problem for most people.

CBDPure capsules have no discernible taste or smell. They provide a good alternative for those who find tinctures distasteful.

Product Efficacy

The effects of CBD oil from CBDPure vary according to the type of product one chooses. Users should conduct their own experimentation with the supplement to determine which form best suits their individual needs.

CBDPure CBD oil tinctures are a fast-acting product. The effects from a tincture tend to be felt quickly. The downside is that the effect generally wears off quicker than that provided by a capsule.

CBDPure Softgels 750 provide an effect that takes longer to onset. This is due to the way the body metabolizes cannabidiol in capsule form.

While the effect from capsules can take longer to manifest, the effect tends to last longer than that provided by a CBD oil tincture. Users may find that they use less of the product when taking a capsule.

CBD Oil Price

Our research and evaluation of CBDPure CBD oil show that the company’s pricing is competitive with most suppliers of the supplement. Prices range from $29.99 to $99.99 depending on the type of product that is chosen.

Pricing is dependent upon the total milligrams of CBD that is contained in the product. A breakdown of the pricing is as follows:

  • 100mg CBD Oil – $29.99
  • 300mg CBD Oil – $54.99
  • 600mg CBD Oil – $79.99
  • 750mg CBD Oil (Capsule) – $99.99

Users can expect one tincture or bottle of capsules to provide a supply of CBD oil for one month. This, of course, depends upon the individual dosage of the product that one requires.

Our Thoughts on CBDPure CBD Oil

In completing this review of CBDPure CBD oil we have attempted to evaluate the company in several different categories. We will look briefly at how the company rated in each aspect.

Company Reputation

CBDPure has a strong online reputation with very few complaints from customers. The business has been producing CBD oil for several years and is regarded as a leader in the industry.

CBDPure is an accredited Better Business Bureau member that maintains an A+ rating from the BBB. It has maintained this rating for a considerable period of time.

Product Quality

CBDPure takes many measures to insure that the CBD oil they produce is of the highest quality. The testing employed by the company ranks among the strongest that we have encountered. Specifically, the company insists on five separate tests from an independent lab.

Our opinion is that the company’s use of skilled cultivators and botanists help it to achieve the highest standards of cannabidiol purity.

Product Range

CBDPure only offers two varieties of CBD oil. The company produces three tincture varieties and one form of capsules. In this regard, the company is less appealing than some others with a much larger product range.

What the company does may be limited, but it excels at the products it does supply. This counts for some high marks, but a larger product range would appeal to more customers.


Users report very few complaints with the effectiveness of CBDPure CBD oil. The products work as intended in the treatment of various ailments which include:

  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Mild to moderate pain

It is important to note here that CBD oil supplements are not required to be evaluated by the FDA for effectiveness. The effectiveness of CBD oil can vary from individual to individual.

Before beginning a regimen of CBD oil intake, one should always consult with their primary physician.

CBDPure CBD Oil Pros and Cons

Now we will take a look at the specific pros and cons of CBDPure. These advantages and disadvantages reflect our own evaluation of the company and its product.

CBDPure Pros

  • Strong company reputation
  • High production standards
  • Very competitive price point
  • 90-day money back guarantee
  • Live chat support on the website
  • Many success stories about effectiveness

CBDPure Cons

  • Limited product range
  • Does not offer free shipping
  • No flavored tinctures available

In the final analysis CBDPure is a reputable company that prides itself on customer service. It is an especially good choice for individuals who are new to CBD oil.

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